Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best Protest Sign Ever?


It’s late and I’m tired. After a really interesting day in Indiana politics, I decided to check Twitter one last time before going to bed and I came across this photo (linked to by Little Green Footballs). I had to post this before going to bed. That sign (the one in the upper left for those who were unsure) sums up, so perfectly, so much about my feelings about today’s Republican party. This may just be the best protest sign ever. I’m thinking that Democrats and those who favor women’s reproductive rights and … well, everybody who isn’t a Republican … should get shirts and signs with that phrase and start wearing and posting them from now until the 2012 election.

Oh, and for anybody reading on a smartphone or who otherwise has trouble reading the sign, it says:

If you want a REPUBLICAN to care about you REMAIN A FETUS

Update: Grr. For some reason the photo disappeared overnight. I’ve reposted the entry.

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