Thursday, August 26, 2010

Was My April Fool’s Story Right?

Well, no, not really. But take a minute and go back and read my April Fool’s post (how many of you caught the inclusion of the plot of the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies as a historical even in that post?), and then watch this video that Jon Stewart on The Daily Show earlier this week:

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One more thing: Did you happen to notice during the rush of clips of Fox News personalities Saying Stupid Shit™ the bit about the new logo for one of our space-related agencies having a … gasp … crescent moon? It was displayed amidst the flags of several Muslim nations. (I meant to blog about that idiocy at the time that it was all the rage on the right, but never quite got around to it.) Anyway, I realized that all of those who, like Fox News, worry about what that crescent moon might mean (ooh, maybe President Obama really is a Muslim, right), need to set their sights even closer to home. Here’s a logo that they missed:

A palm tree and a crescent flag. But that flag isn’t from a Muslim country. It’s origins are domestic. Wow that must have something to do with a planned Muslim takeover of …

South Carolina.

Yep. That’s the flag of South Carolina adopted in 1861 … right before South Carolina seceded and the Civil War began.

Maybe the Fox-Murdoch conspiracy is far older than I’d realized! So when we hear people like Rep. Michelle Bachmann or Senate candidate Sharon Angle warn us about domestic enemies in Congress, we should wonder if they’re talking about folks from South Carolina.

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