Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just What Is a Marriage?

In a comment to my post Addressing a Few Red Herrings, reader Gale objected to same-sex marriage on Biblical grounds. She claimed, among other things, that:

Homosexuality and etc. patently offends me and many others, but let's not chase that red herring. I'll be there when you stand mute before God. I wonder if you will please your Creator? He wrote an opinion many years ago. It's called “The Ten Commandments.” I think immorality was a capital offence.

After being challenged on her views, Gale chimed in again and warned those who don’t agree that homosexuality is akin to bestiality and pedophilia that:

you'll be singing another tune in front of God, if able to speak at all, and I'll be there. He who smiles last...

And when further challenged, Gale offered this whopper:

You are still "thinking." You make assumptions concerning Truth that you know nothing about. I don't think - I know.

(As a side note, when I was telling my wife about that post and Gale's comments, I mentioned Gale's claim that she doesn't need to think because she knows. My 10-year-old daughter overheard our discussion and, without prompting interjected the following: "That's stupid. Was it Sarah Palin?" I’m a very proud daddy.)

Anyway, I thought that this video might help clarify some of the beliefs espoused by Gale (and a whole bunch of other Bible-based bigots):


Are we all clear now on what G-d does and does not allow when it comes to marriage?

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