Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally, A Positive Reaction

Over the last few weeks, I've recounted the reactions of people that I've encountered at my local grocery and drug store (plus the theft of my yard sign). Finally, things may be changing, a bit. Yesterday morning, my wife sent me on a quick early morning grocery run (my daughter wanted to try making breakfast burritos for us!). On the way out of the grocery, as I was getting back into my car, a BMW pulled up behind me and the driver rolled down her window. My expectation upon seeing a 40-something woman in a BMW with a Ping hat in Carmel was that I was going to have to listen to another anti-Obama diatribe. So, imagine my surprise when the woman's face opened into a giant smile as she said, "I love your bumper sticker. Where can I get one?" Yes!

She and I spoke for a few moments about the reactions that we've each had from others and we chuckled at the sheer idiocy of the objections that we've each heard. As I've said before, the amount of support that I've seen for Sen. Obama (be it yard signs or reactions like that from BMW lady) in this most Republican of districts cannot be a good sign for how the Republicans will fare on election day. I just hope that the pro-Obama sentiment (or anti-McCain or anti-Palin or anti-Bush or whatever sentiment it may be) will have coattails to extend at least a bit of the way down the ticket -- far enough, that is, to send Dan Burton home.


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