Friday, October 24, 2008

Republicans Endorsing Obama

As election day draws nearer, a number of prominent moderate Republicans are endorsing Sen. Obama. Last weekend Colin Powell endorsed Sen. Obama and that endorsement appears to have started a bit of a flood. According to an article in The New Republic, Charles Fried, Solicitor General under Ronald Reagan and a member of Sen. McCain's Honest and Open Election Committee and Justice Advisory Committee, has written to the McCain campaign to ask that his name be removed from these committees. Fried announced that he had already voted for Sen. Obama via absentee ballot. In his letter to the McCain campaign, Fried said that an important factor in his decision was "the choice of Sarah Palin at a time of deep national crisis." Similarly, former Massachusetts Republican Governor William Weld has also announced his endorsement of Sen. Obama. During the primary season, Gov. Weld was a supporter of Mitt Romney. Just yesterday, former Minnesota Republican Governor Arne Carlson announced his endorsement for Sen. Obama. Finally, earlier this week, Scott McLellan, President Bush's former press secretary announced that he, too, was endorsing Sen. Obama.

I'm anticipating Sen. McCain's endorsement of Sen. Obama any day now... After all, he is a maverick, isn't he?


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