Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guiliani Jumping the Gun?

Unless I'm mistaken, the 2008 Presidential election isn't quite over yet. Last time I checked, we still have 12 days until the election. And just yesterday, I wrote about Rudy Guiliani doing a particularly sleazy robocall for Sen. McCain.

So perhaps somebody can explain to me why Guiliani is already running for President in 2012? Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a look at the URL for Guiliani's page ( or the title of the page ("Join Rudy 2012"). It seems more than a bit ... um ... odd, that Guiliani would be soliciting contributions for a campaign that won't start for several years at the same time that he is helping to elect (bury?) his party's chosen candidate. That's what I call giving your full support to your party! "Hey, John, I'll make sleazy robocalls for you and, because I know you're going to lose (and I know my robocalls will help seal your coffin), I'm gonna start raising money for 2012, OK?"


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