Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post-Election Blogger Blues

I'm still here. But now that the election is over and my perceived "need" for multiple daily posts has run its course, I find that I'm not particularly excited to write about much of anything at the moment. I started to write about Rep. Dan Burton's appearance on Hardball the other night when he refused to acknowledge that Sen. Clinton had nothing to do with the murder of Vince Foster back in 1993; I couldn't believe that he was still holding on to his wacky conspiracy theory 15 years later. But, by the time that I got around to writing about the issue? Ho hum. I suspect that this is simply a case of election cycle news withdrawal combined with a lack of appetite to write about economic woes. So, I haven't gone away; rather, I'm waiting for interesting things to write about and a little intellectual energy renewal of my own. After all, I did write a lot over the last few months; I'm entitled to take it easy for a bit. It is my blog!

Of course, with the next session of the Indiana General Assembly getting ready to start, I suspect that I'll have plenty to write about soon.

Plus, I really do plan to finish part two of that letter to Steve Berry that I posted about oh so long ago. Really.


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