Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shifts in Voting Patterns

Sometimes graphs and maps really do explain things better than words and numbers. Take for example this map (originally from The New York Times) showing which counties voted more Republican in 2008 than in 2004:

Look at that large red swath that runs right through Appalachia and into northern Texas. With only a few scattered exceptions elsewhere on the map, that was the only region to increase its Republican vote. Now, compare that first map with the following map that also includes increases in Democratic voting:

Look at Indiana. The entire state voted more Democratic, and not just by small margins. And look at the Mountain West. With the exception of Arizona (Sen. McCain's home state) and a few other isolated counties, virtually the entire region (once a Republican stronghold) voted more Democratic.

Data like this must worry Republican strategists who have to figure out what went wrong (hint: Sarah Palin didn't help) and what to do differently in the 2010 Congressional races and 2012 Presidential election.


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