Monday, November 3, 2008

I Voted!

I cast my vote this morning. I showed up at the Hamilton Country Government Center at 7:55 (the polls were supposed to open at 8:00). The line stretched from the doors of the building down the street to the corner. By a few minutes after 8:00, the line went around the corner and down the street, almost to the bridge. Then, for almost an hour, we waited ... and the line didn't move. Finally, at a few minutes before 9:00, the line started to move and from then, it seemed to move fairly steadily and at a fairly quick pace. From the time that I got in line until the time that I pressed the confirmation button on the voting machine (and yes, I went back and checked and re-checked that the machine registered my vote as intended), a total of about an hour and a half had elapsed. Not too bad, I guess.

So why did I vote early? Because I've agreed to work at the polls tomorrow!

(And sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend; my son had a soccer tournament a hour or so away from home and time was not something that I had an abundance of. There were a number of things that I wanted to write about; maybe I'll still write about some of them post-election, although I know that they'll be less meaningful. Oh, well.)


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