Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Right’s Reaction to a Republican’s Vote to Avoid Default

Since being elected in November 2012, Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) has voted with her Republican colleagues in the House 96.8% of the time. In fact, she is ranked as the 10th “most Republican” member of the House caucus. Rep. Brooks votes with her Republican colleagues 2.6% more often than the average Republican. And just a few weeks ago, Rep. Brooks generated some controversy when she used her franking privileges to send her constituents a flyer touting her opposition to Obamacare and her efforts to repeal it. So, I think that it’s fair to say, by any objective measure, that Rep. Brooks is a “real Republican”.

But then, last week, after supporting the government shutdown and efforts to defund Obamacare, Rep. Brooks chose to act the part of a sane, responsible representative, and voted to end the shutdown and prevent a default of US government obligations. And, on the basis of that one vote, she is now viewed by many of her constituents as a traitor, liar, or RINO (Republican in Name Only) and will likely be challenged from even further to the right.

Shortly after casting her vote, Rep. Brooks posted the following statement about her vote in favor of ending the government shutdown and preventing a default (emphasis in original):

Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks (R-IN) released the following statement after voting in favor of legislation to prevent default and open the goverment [sic]:

“I believe surpassing the debt ceiling would harm Hoosier families, adversely affect the stock market and damage America’s position on the global stage. Default puts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments at risk and could trigger another downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. I did not come to Congress to perpetuate this type of uncertainty. Governing is about making responsible choices. I believe voting to prevent a default on our debt and open our government is the responsible choice.

I remain committed to reducing our national debt and protecting Americans from the President’s failed healthcare law. The bill I voted for today gets us closer to accomplishing these goals by requiring bicameral budget negotiations, preserving Budget Control Act (BCA) spending cuts and ensuring income verification will be enforced for individuals receiving Obamacare subsidies.

This plan is far from perfect but it achieves meaningful progress by requiring budget negotiations to begin in earnest, giving us a real opportunity to put our country on a path to fiscal stability. Both sides must now come together to fix our broken budget process, eliminate wasteful spending, increase efficiency and lower our $16.7 trillion national debt. Senator Reid and his colleagues must come to the table ready to admit the status quo is no longer acceptable.”

The legislation funds the government through January 15, 2014 at the $986 billion level established through the BCA and suspends the debt ceiling until February 7, 2014. It forces the President to verify income levels of Obamacare participants, a provision of the law the Administration previously decided not to enforce which will save an estimated $250 billion in fraudulent payments. It also sets up bicameral budget negotiations that must conclude by December 13. The measure passed the House this evening.

She also posted the statement on her Facebook page. Unfortunately, a review of the 282 comments posted to Facebook (as of about noon on October 21) shows just how far out of touch the Tea Party is (both with the rest of America and, perhaps, with reality). Read these comments and note a few things: (a) how often President Obama is referred to as a Marxist, Socialist, dictator, or some similar title; (b) how often Rep. Brooks is referred to as a traitor, of having committed treason, or of having “sold out” Indiana or America; (c) how frequently comments claim that a default wouldn’t actually be, you know, a default; (d) how often Rep. Brooks is accused of lying; and (e) how infrequently those who supported a “no” vote (that would have led to a default) offer any sort of explanation or way out of the situation (beyond a generic “cut spending”). I’ve highlighted a few of my “favorite” comments in red.

    Emma Baumann You caved & are a coward! (4 likes)

    Michelle Wall Very disappointed :( (4 likes)

    Judy Sergent Cline Traitor....hope Garrison grills your ass next time you are on his show. Hope you enjoy your short lived time in DC, cause you will be ousted in the next election. (2 likes)

    Carolyn Potts Padget Kantz I am very saddened and disappointed in your vote. We have to stop this insanity at some point. Things are only going to get worse. I am truly at a loss of words. I have always respected you greatly and what you have done. I have felt like I represented in the past, but not now. Harry Reid wins, yet again. Deeply disappointed. (3 likes)

    James M. Graham You've let us all down. You and your cohorts. Do NOT expect to get my vote next time. (4 likes)

    Mary Rogers are a sorry piece of work. WRONG vote. (3 likes)

    Mary Lou Winters I'm sorry you and the other republicans caved. I think you were all wrong. (4 likes)

    Rick Miller It's a shame you chose to vote just like every other Democrat who is supporting this President. (3 likes)

    Michael Fields I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in you. I had such hope that you would stand for what is right instead of everyday politics. I really thought you would be different. (5 likes)

    Jodi Campbell Herd Very disappointed. Especially since I campaigned for you. Hopefully a better candidate will run against you in the primaries. (4 likes)

    Dan Girt I am sorry that you decided to vote with the socialist. I guess you are moving to the left and maybe it is time to move on to a new more consevative rep. (5 likes)

    Peggy Christel Khoury You need to be more like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul & Mike Lee. So do it@ (4 likes)

    Steve Thom You caved, and I can no longer support you. I will work to make sure you don't survive the next primary election. You, madam Congresswoman, will be a one-term wonder: we'll wonder why we ever voted for you in the first place. There would have been no default. That's bogus. The Treasury takes in almost three times the amount of money required to service the debt each month, so unless Obama was willing to unlawfully order the Treasury not to pay the interest on the debt, there would have been no default, only the inability to borrow additional new money. Say all the right-sounding things you want, but your actions have spoken louder than your words. You have not represented your constituent's wishes and beliefs, and you will be held accountable. (8 likes)

    Eric Basas Taylor Very disappointed....yet another Indiana Congressman who chose the path of least resistance & failed to put the people of Indiana first. (8 likes)

    Roger Robinson Another traitor! (6 likes)

    Barbara Moore You lost my confidence and my vote. (5 likes)

    Jonathan Tharp Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks, can you please explain to me why the republican party put us through all of the drama for the past two weeks if the outcome was only to give the democrats more power and weaken the republicans position of support for the american people? (8 likes)

    James Gregory Thomas The GOP must be willing to actually suffer, at least in the short run, for having done the RIGHT thing. So much of what goes on in Washington reminds me of the betrayal scene of William Wallace in "Braveheart". The brave and bold are abandoned by the craven and greedy. Rep. Brooks, I'm not saying you're either of the latter, but you need to strive to be more of the former. There are other battles coming up. Be on the right side of history with your votes, even if your political career isn't. (4 likes)

    Justin Krowel Now she needs to be challenged! Hard decision to leave your principles to do the easy thing! (5 likes)

    Ted Andrews I' very disappointed with you on this vote. Lets fast forward to January and another debt ceiling fight. Obama and the Dems WILL NOT compromise or negotiate. You will compromise everything, just like tonight. Don't you see the pattern?? (2 likes)

    Dawn McNally McGrath Beyond disappointed with your vote. There's no excuse for you siding with an out of control government. I will not vote for you in the next election. (3 likes)

    Larry Downes I'm extremely disappointed. Don't count on any support from me going forward. (2 likes)

    Mark Sassman Sr Good luck next election, you have outright lied by stating there was going to be a default. Failure to raise the debt ceiling would have forced a balanced budget that you can only give lip service to. Have you considered the consequences of what the additional debt will bring? (2 likes)

    Gardner Matthew You are a disgrace (3 likes)

    Shawn Ybd I am glad I moved, and you no longer represent me in Congress. (2 likes)

    Jim Morgan Sure you do, I so miss Dan Burton it was great having a real conservative who I knew I could count on always. (4 likes)

    Michael L Smith You call yourself Conservative? That is a funny joke, at least now we know who needs Primary opponent as they FAILED to do as those you Represent wished. Chalk you and Senator Coats up to being in the same class as John McCain, aka part of the Reason America is being destroyed, has the debt it does, and the Constitution meaning littler and litter everyday. I hope you're happy with yourself. Makes perfect sense to me to take over a huge portion of the GDP when we're in debt to our ears. Way to set an example for younger generations on how to manage money, the wrong example. (2 likes)

    Mike McHone Sorry Mrs. Brooks, you let your fellow Hoosiers down. And I'm sorry I voted for you. Next item up you'll be voting on a bill to grant over 11 millions illegal immigrants amnesty. But then again over 22 millions Americans unemployed what is another 11 millions. (3 likes)

    Henrietta Lea Willis You're a flat out liar! How about the lowest increase in Social Security in years? But you still get paid after you leave office? Why? We could save a lot of money getting permenently rid of the financial burden of paying reps after they retire ! Just wait until next election. (3 likes)

    Ronald B. Carrell Disappointed. Your vote did not represent me. Should my vote in November 2014 represent you? (6 likes)

    Cindi Davis Kiner Very disappointed. And it seems like I'm in the majority here! If I were you, I would be very worried about the next election. (1 like)

    Janice O'Hern Deeply disappointed....I expected more from you (1 like)

    Sherry McEntee Butler Just lost my 2014 vote (1 like)

    Mike Pohl So how will you vote the next time the Dems refuse to engage? "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" (4 likes)

    Betsy Johnson Harvey You must take us for fools. We know better. Don't get too comfortable, you'll be home sooner rather than later. (4 likes)

    Mary Heath It would have been Obama's choice to default and according to the constitution, he is not allowed to default. I also heard that the reason that we could have been downgraded was because Obama was threatening a default. We bring in enough money to pay the interest on our national debt. Just how does Obama plan to verify income on Obamacare? I don't believe a single word he says. He has lied too many times. Sorry I don't believe a single word about how "we must come together to fix our broken budget Process, etc.... This government has no conccens about not wasting taxpayers money. This government is so corrupt and Marxist and not enough people in Congress has the guts to stop it! (4 likes)

    Mary Heath Republicans who voted to go along with this insane spending, only care about fitting in with the establishment and being invited to their social events. (2 likes)

    William Pedigo Ralph Butler conservatives did not fold. Republicans rather so called Republicans folded. Too many people still don't relize that the the Republican patry has been hijacked by Progressives in disguise. They call themselves Moderates, and some call them the Establishment Republicans, those of us true Conservatives call them Sellouts and Spineless. If this crap hasn't proven the point that Conservatives, Constitutionalist, Libertarians, and Independents who believe in having a small federal government that exercises fiscal discipline snd responsibility need to come together and form a third party. As Conservative Constitution Defending Americans we must realize the Republican National Committee by latge part do not represent the way we believe. If you doubt that just look at who the members of that committee are and who they keep supporting to run for office. (2 likes)

    [Note: The previous posts and their “likes” were as of about 2:00pm on October 18; the following posts and their “likes” were as of about 1:00pm on October 21.]

    Ken Marshall Turncoat (1 like)

    Carolyn Harvey Lundberg Pathetic. (1 like)

    Michelle Wall I can't support you anymore.... (2 likes)

    Tony Azcona I don't care about your statement. You voted against Hoosiers. You deserve to lose your office in the next election....and it will happen. If you vote like a RINO, you are no better than a Democrat. (4 likes)

    Arlan Landey Before this vote, you were only 70% compliant with the Constitution which you swore to uphold and protect. How do you look yourself in the mirror each morning knowing that you have breached your oath and continue to vote against the values of those who elected you? You have lost my vote forever. You are not to be entrusted with the office you hold. (3 likes)

    Amy Herman Shame on you for caving. Plenty of monthly income to pay our debt. Obamacare is a farce. I hope your on it just as you have imposed it on Americans. This may have been our final stand. Shame on you. (2 likes)

    Mike Flanery Disappointed (2 likes)

    Micah Mitchell Highly disappointed in the lack of backbone ultimately shown by so many Republicans! This effectively showed the President that he can get anything he wants & never negotiate with you, because you will just negotiate against each other. He effectively took over the budget process tonight, and will do so from now on. Also, I can't believe you joined the "default" talk. Actual default could NOT have happened unless Obama violated the Constitution (Article I & the 14th Amendment, Section 4) more brazenly than ever & Chose not to pay our actual obligations, which only require about 10% of the monthly tax intake. That's how he wins! He simply lies over & over until, first the media, and eventually Republicans start repeating & believing it. Disgusting & disheartening... (8 likes)

    Edward McIlwain Susan, I am very disappointed in your vote tonight to increase the size and scope of the federal government, and to continue the "pork-barrel" policies of the past that we elected you to help end. I understand the Republican members of the House, yourself included, were placed in an untenable position, but I cannot believe that you represented the feelings of our district well with your support of the president's bill. There wasn't even any discussion or attempt to remove the $2B payoff to Sen. McConnell in the House! There is no possible way to defend this! The threat of default is a false premise, and we all know it. The tax on medical devices does serious harm to Hoosier companies and their employees. The requirement of financial proof of eligibility for obamacare subsidies is already law. None of the provisions of this bill that you helped pass will benefit Hoosiers or America, in fact it will hurt us all! Susan, you are still my Republican Congresswoman, and I will continue to support you, but I cannot help but think that the time and effort, the blood sweat and tears that I have expended in the effort to elect conservative representation to the House in Indiana's Fifth District has been for naught. I cannot imagine that men of the caliber of Bud Hillis or Steve Buyer, or Danny Burton would have supported the Senate bill, and I am very, very sorry that you felt it necessary to do so! (5 likes)

    Brent Silveus Good for you honey. I hope tbey vote you out ASAP. (4 likes)

    Terry Schuck Bull hockey, it never goes away in Washington D.C. It has gotten too deep for the landfills to take it. Indeed, it seems D.C. is the landfill for the stuff. (1 like)

    Peter Langfield Extremely disappointed. At least Mitch McConnell got an earmark appropriation for his treasonous vote. Not voting Republican again.... it's time for a third party. (3 likes)

    Kenny DevilDoc Williams You not only sold out Indiana but betrayed America I will not be voting for you or any other Republican in 2014. If the Republican party is going to roll over and give the Democrats everything, every time we might as well vote a straight Democratic Ticket come 2014 & 2016. At least then maybe something, ANYTHING will get done in Washington for a change..... You DISGUST ME,,,, WORDS CAN NOT CONVERY THE BETRAYAL THRUST UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY (5 likes)

    Richard Buyme Way to go, siding with Democrats to kick the can down the road for the 82nd time! Get ready to get voted out next election. (4 likes)

    Coffee Trader We miss Dan Burton already! (4 likes)

    Coffee Trader What's so hard about 'voting' for spending cuts? Another long winded line of BS that makes your vote look even worse! It's not like we're asking you to freeze & starve all winter at Valley Forge like George Washington and his troops! (5 likes)

    Andrew Moore You just ceded you constitutional power of the purse to the executive. Now all the executive has to do is refuse to negotiate and threaten default and he then can make Congress do his bidding. Your vote helps accelerates the transformation from a constitutional republic to a socialist democracy with power consolidated in the executive branch. (4 likes)

    Coffee Trader Glad I voted for David McIntosh in the 2012 primary. (1 like)

    Jim Herr Very weak (2 likes)

    Parker King Nice job explaining your submission to the monarchists. Once again in our history, liberty is a minority movement. (3 likes)

    Keith Barber You state now that you did not come to Congress to perpetuate this kind of uncertainty, but for the last several weeks you have done precisely that. You are treating your constituents like idiots with your effort to have your cake and eat it too. Well, we will be idiots if we reelect you. (3 likes)

    Scott Pearce You voted against indiana...I will no longer support you (3 likes)

    Doug Duell While I may not live in your district I am close enough to maybe help whoever is brought in to run against you in the next election. Shame on you. (4 likes)

    John Toennies I will work to primary you as well. America lost tonight. (3 likes)

    Jon Sparks Default is such a lie. By law we have to pay our debt...just means we have to cut this out of control government! Luckily for us 2014 is coming and you lost my support. (4 likes)

    Kate Tanguy Herr Typical politician! Thanks for raising our debt!!! (2 likes)

    Dave Dawson You statement is full of lies and inaccuracies. You have become worthless and irrelevant. Per the Constitution we must pay our bills. Try reading it. There was no shutdown. Non-essential personnel is not a shutdown. There never was going to be a default, unless you planned on joining the list of criminals that were going to cause the default. You are now part of the problem. You are a Progressive and are pandering to the Marxists. You are giving aid to the enemy. Please step down now and let us find a true American that love this country to take your place. I did not vote for you the in the primaries and if you run again, I will not vote for you in the election, should you get that far. (1 like)

    Dave Dawson Yes, I would rather have an honest Marxist than a lying traitor represent me. (1 like)

    Pam James I can't believe your traitors vote.You are a do not care about your constituents at are OUT! (2 likes)

    Jerry Peyton Until all of Washington realizes we have a spending problem we are headed down a nasty trail and the American people are stuck with commitments established by congress and the president that they do not want! (1 like)

    David Giffel It's like when your child is a drug addict.. you continue to buy them drugs so they cannot feel pain during the withdrawals. Susan, you are an enabler. (2 likes)

    Gail E. Trammell I disagree with your vote. We are just one step closer to financial collapse! (2 likes)

    Jacque Bick Beck Disappointing. (1 like)

    Kate Tanguy Herr Ms. Brooks. Your job plain and simple is to be a voice for the 5th district of Indiana. After reading the comments it looks as if your vote does not represent your constituents. You took it upon yourself to vote the way YOU felt. How YOU wanted, not as a OUR voice. YOU violated your oath to our district and to the constitution. My question is why vote yay? Why not vote nay? You would have saved face and represented what your district wants! This just shows us you will do whatever DC wants and not what Hoosiers want. (2 likes)

    David Giffel "The measure also approves back pay for all federal workers".. Nice vacation for the Federal workers. (2 likes)

    Gail E. Trammell I am disappointed that you voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling! Sorry that you caved! (1 like)

    Mike Mahoney What has happened is that the President was handed the one power in Article I that was meant for situations such as this. I was pretty sure this would be the play acting all along. Since you and the rest of the House have decided that you don't know how or need to use the powers the people granted to the House of Representatives for exactly a time such as this, I believe it is shown to be time to find representatives who do. (2 likes)

    Mike Mahoney Oh, one other important message. Don't bother trying to rally this troop with messaging. I hear your excellent messaging. I see your total inability to follow through. Promises in the future will fall on deaf ears. The promise of 2010 has been broken. Never again. (1 like)

    Gary Hayes Brooks has cooked her goose for me as well as many others, no way I would ever vote for this Rino. I am betting she will never win another election. (1 like)

    Randy Fox So we trade one bad scenario for another possibly worse scenario. Meanwhile the healthcare mandate rolls on. It is unfortunate that we have been sold out by our leaders. People should remember to vote and remember how your current leaders handled this situation. (1 like)

    Mel Arnold What you do speaks so loudly that I can't hear a word you are saying. You just voted to give a lawless administration more power and embolden them to take what little freedom we still have left as you belly up to the public pocketbooks. You lost two supporters in this household! (4 likes)

    Toasted Oats I hope you enjoy your one term as my representative, and your lifetime pension. One question though, what did you get for selling out? I mean in the senate Mitch McConnell got 3 billion for his state. At least tell me you milked something for your district? (2 likes)

    Pat Bledsoe Yes you are one of the biggest problems you sold that's out (3 likes)

    Kristi Morrison The "Tea Party" has nothing to do with this. It is something trolls interject into any thread to try to discredit the truth for people who have no idea. Ms Brooks had stated she was for the people in her district and America, and then she backed out. O controls the intimidation tactics such as cutting off food stamps or blocking off monuments. Congress does not stand up and make it stop. If Congress and Senate will not stop him it is a dictatorship. (7 likes)

    Chuck Dulla you and your kind are the problem, not the solution. like always, you kicked the can down the road again for another couple of months. i'm looking forward to donating to anyone that primaries you. shame..... (3 likes)

    Brent Coleman Your party did such a poor job of communicating the situation to the people. You allowed the media outlets to spew falsehoods over and over. You didn't mention the 1200 waivers Obama issued to the ACA or the 19 delays issued to the ACA or the over 40 missed regulatory deadlines. You could have stood up for the working guy and pushed on to get him the same delay granted to big business. You could have pointed out that there is adequate money flowing into the government to pay our governments obligations. There was no need to panic and buy into the default talk. There would have been some prioritizing needed but that is why you have the big staff and make the big money. You allowed the Dems and the media to govern the discussions. We could have been OK with eliminating waivers entirely. But no, your party went along and we the people lost. (3 likes)

    Aaron Longdon You caved! It is time for Speaker Boehner to go. There would have been no default unless Obama chose it. There is plenty of revenue to service the debt. Your vote to raise the debt ceiling IS POLITICS AS USUAL! I live in your district and I am very disappointed along with LOTS of others. (4 likes)

    Jon McPheron you are a socialist! quit now and save the embarrassing defeat later (1 like)

    Troy McClain There was never going to be a default. This is not political cover. You had an opportunity to stand with Hoosiers and vote against this, yet you committed political suicide.
    The last time we increased the debt ceiling we had a credit downgrade as a result. How can uncontrolled spending be spun as anything beneficial? You have also now handed Obama even greater power essentially bypassing Congress on further increases in the debt ceiling.
    Your vote was a betrayal to all of us. Enjoy what is left of your term. (4 likes)

    James Andrew Browning does it really matter if we defaulted or not? you say you voted this to keep social security and everything else from getting hurt, maybe im wrong but if goverment keeps spending and spending getting us even more in debt will it not get hurt anyways? and our future generations be worse off than us now? And please tell me how in the hell obama care is going to help the american people you and every other damn political figure out there is out for themselfs you all act is if you care about the people but reality is tour there for yourselves!

    Ty King you've just lost my vote... (5 likes)

    Del Garcia DISAPPOINTED! (5 likes)

    Larry Shaw You just proved you have chosen a long career in DC rather than representing the Hoosier state. You lost my vote!!! (7 likes)

    Libby Cyman So disappointed will never vote for you again! (6 likes)

    Tim Miller Yopur carrer may be shortened (3 likes)

    Andrew Moore Thanks for voting yourself a generous Obamacare subsidy while your constituents won't get the same treatment. (8 likes)

    Leonora Hammer Starr Hope you enjoy your first and last term in office ... keep kicking this rusty old can down the road ... your grandkids will just love you for it! INDIANA (7 likes)

    Don Gartner Very disappointed in your vote. You have just moved the problem down the road. Nothing was solved!! You will do the same thing in the next round. The Dems will play the same game and you will fall for it again. This gov't is in sad shape and we have no leadership from either party!!!!!!!! (5 likes)

    Michael Foster So then, bow down like the rest of them. We the people would rather endure the hard times in order to beat this tyrant. So now we look elsewhere for our help. (2 likes)

    George Hagan III Boo congress woman. Your failure to stand on principal is appalling. You should be ashamed siding with the dems (2 likes)

    Brian Durant I Voted Yes, giving in to the Liberals because I was more afraid of
    not getting re-elected, than I was of the people I represent and helping them overcome Obamacare. I know that now the people will have to suffer, but I've got my Healthcare intact, subsidized, and was afraid to fight any further because the "Establishment" GOP members told me they wouldn't help me if I didn't give in. The media put us on the block, and the people believed them, but we didn't know how to fight that. We did get a promise to verify all enrollees in Obamacare, but we know that won't be done, they'll do what they do at the border. And they said they'll now talk with us, I think??? (4 likes)

    Bill McLin while I am of the belief that the Obama administration relished this debacle, your view that you moved things forward, is just wrong. Someone needs to stand up and be willing to go down for the count, which the Tea Party was willing to do. Tea Party caucus is here to stay. I even agree with some of their stands, but realistic compromise has to happen. Seemed to me this was a pure "show" (2 likes)

    Aaron Alberts Come on Susan, we voted for a conservative voice, but it turns out we got a RINO. You lost my vote, you might as well join the Democrats now you closeted Obama supporter (5 likes)

    Je'Amour P. Matthew "I am a Democrat" and I am sadden and sicken you sold out to this Totalitarian Dictator and his Hench men, there is no more Republican and Democratic Party, just two different wings on the same vulture, you all have proven you will sell your soul to the special interest that has greased your palms, I am an American, I am a Patriot, I am a defender of the Constitution & Bill of Rights, and I have awaken … (2 likes)

    Charles Spidell You caved. Have fun in the next Primary. (4 likes)

    Joe Jekel You have lost my vote - you are just another sell out. I will never support you again. Sorry you made this decision. (4 likes)

    Ed Owens I'm voter in your district, have donated money to your campaign,can no longer back u since u sold out to our dictator president (4 likes)

    Aimee Nelson Ransom We the people are fed up and pissed off!! (3 likes)

    Scott Rulong I want to know how your vote squares with the desires of your constituents. You were not elected to *govern* us but to *represent* us. (5 likes)

    Debra Kerlin Skinner Disappointed in you, Rep. Brooks. (4 likes)

    Josie Ryan Congrats to federal workers who got a RAISE in the sellout deal Rep Brooks voted for. (2 likes)

    Andrew Moore At least five of the seven GOP representatives in Indiana rejected this sell-out, pork-laden bill. Primaries are in May 2014. It may be time to seek new representation. (5 likes)

    Julie Shonk You did not help anything. Your explainations do not make people continue to believe in you. Your actions for the people would have. You are a sad excuse for a human being. :( (2 likes)

    Josie Ryan Its time Andrew Moore.. for sure. Her first term and she already sold out? Good grief.. you would think she wouldnt have forgotten the people back home so quick. (3 likes)

    Tom Canavan Another RINO. We need to do our homework long before the next primary and weed 'em all out. Get these rotten apples out before they spoil the whole barrel. (4 likes)

    Jack Griffin I see you bring a sizable amount of law experience to your current position. Unfortunately, it is obvious you are well-versed in sophistry. I find it most regrettable that your background in the areas of history, leadership, finance, and mathematics are nonexistent. God save the Republic! (3 likes)

    Jim Hornaday Traitor! i was really in support of you and THOUGHT you had a spine. Caved in just like all the rest! You wont get my vote again! (3 likes)

    Linda Hedden White Wrong vote. Not my representative anymore! (2 likes)

    Terry Voorhees This isn't why I voted for you. So disappointed (4 likes)

    Darin Pratt Rep. Brooks, the only way we would default and not pay Medicare and SS is if the administration CHOSE not to pay the debt (violating the 14th amendment) and CHOSE not to pay Medicare and SS for political games. We bring in $250 BILLION/month in revenue, the payment on the debt is $20 BILLION/month. We bring in over 10 X the amount we need to pay the debt therefore, NOT A DEFAULT! (3 likes)

    Scotty LeCoq When does it stop Susan? You caved and you need to go. (1 like)

    Brian Jessen Disappointed. You said you were different. (3 likes)

    Jerry Calandrilla Loser! Time to vote you out! We sure need term limits for politicians that are wishy washy kinda like you are! (1 like)

    John Nelson Bye Susan, its been real. (4 likes)

    Rick Brown thanks for selling out fellow hoosiers. hope you lose your re-election bid. (3 likes)

    Greg Augustinovicz that's a nice letter in an attempt to justify your vote. so, WHEN WILL YOU STAND AND FIGHT?!?!? (2 likes)

    Richard Payne This is typical of all you politicians. You sell out the people that voted for you and try and justify it with a flimsy letter. Let's face the facts, you simply sold out your loyalty to your voters. (2 likes)

    Jim Morgan I am getting fed up with the Republicans acting as concubines for the Democrats. (7 likes)

    Jim Herbert You should have voted NAY. I have tried three times for an hour each time to register for ObamaCare so I can compare the cost with my current coverage. I still have not been able to get registered...not even allowed to create a username! What will happen when I decide not to have coverage because of the lost HCTC benefit and the lack of ability to register for ObamaCare? I will have to pay a penalty for the STUPIDITY of this law that is illegal and immoral. The constitution does not say TAX THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T BUY INSURANCE! (2 likes)

    Kc Harpe you are're just like McCain and Graham. you gave obama everything he wanted, without him giving us ANYTHING. did the executive branch threaten the congress? cuz you all caved and gave them everything they wanted like it was your job. you are NOT a real patriot like Senator Ted Cruzi, Senator Rand Paul, or Mike Lee. hope you are aware that you WILL NOT be in the House after the next election cycle. you disgrace the people you represent.

    Michael Barker don't even talk to us people who had faith! you and young and carson are all against the american people!! (1 like)

    Troy Gordon The vote did nothing but give up the leverage you had. The country will be in the same position in three months time, but this time around you may not have the support of the people because we will expect you to cave to the Socialists. Good luck. If you de-fund the Health Care Act, you may still have my vote. Anything short of that and my vote goes elsewhere.

    Humberto DeLuca Typical RINO. Watch her vote for adding another 30M new Dems voters (amnesty).

    Jason L. Crace Very disappointed in my Representative. Her vote today only weakened her party, weakened her party's future negotiating power, and probably screwed the party's chance to take over the Senate in 2014. Now, we might even lose the House. Ms. Brooks, you put YOUR POLITICAL CAREER before the principles you declared to preserve and the stance that needed to be taken. Why do you elected officials in D.C. continue to give this man a blank check and the opportunity to bypass Congress on spending. DO you realize that our POTUS has not presented a budget in 5 years?!?!? He is doing that intentionally so he can continue to write checks that our great-grandkids will cover so that he can implement all of his social policiies and platform with NO CHECKS AND BALANCES from Congress. Pathetic, truly pathetic. The "stock market" should NEVER come before the long-term viability of our country and the debt we seem to keep accepting. You have become the status-quo for elected officials. You will not be receiving my vote in 2014. (1 like)

    Nancy Quick Scheuermann You are my representative, and I believed you would stand strong for conservative principles. I am VERY disappointed. (1 like)

    Jenny Oldham You caved, Susan...I will reconsider my vote during the next election. (1 like)

    Coffee Trader $24 Billion lost due to the Shut down? If so, it's ample proof that our Gov't is way too BIG! Thus, a No Vote would've been the only acceptable vote! (1 like)

    Cheree Cher What happened to the demand for a "clean" bill, huh? You voted to give federal workers a RAISE plus Sen. McConnell got a Kentucky kickback of $3 billion for a DAM project. (2 likes)

    Rebecca Phillippi I am totally disappointed. There is no excuse for the way you voted.

    Cheree Cher Forgive me but how stupid or corrupt do you have to be to vote for McConnell's plan to neuter Congress and hand the power of the purse over to the imperial Executive Branch? You will be remembered for this. And that's not a compliment!

    Kathy Marie An abject failure! I hoped for more from you.

    Jeff Kostro I see next on the Obama agenda, is Amnesty for the millions of Illegal Aliens. This is linked to the ACA in a way not many have put together yet. The ACA does not cover Illegal Aliens. Now Obama Is calling for immigration reform, and wants to give 12 million illegals Amnesty. You may be wondering is "Why does this matter?" Well, illegal aliens do not have to purchase insurance, they are not effected by the Individual Mandate, but they will get Medicaid, further burdening that program. Also, Illegal Aliens could legally enter the workforce, but since the ACA exempts this group, companies DO NOT have to offer them healthcare. Do you realize the saving this will give them? 12 million people entering the American Workforce, and companies have an incentive to hire them, leaving American Citizens Unemployed. Please stand Against this and protect Hoosiers

Whoa. Deep breaths. Deep, cleansing breaths.

I’m not going to take the time to debunk the myriad falsehoods or ridiculous exaggerations found in these comments. But please recognize that people really feel this way; they really believe the things that they say. These comments were posted under these people’s real names (well, mostly, I suspect), not anonymously. And these people will vote and they will vote on the basis of anger and of conspiracy theories and a failure to understand, recognize, or accept reality.

These are the voices that many “Republicans” will be listening to as the primaries approach in 2014 (I put Republicans in quotation marks because it isn’t all that clear that Republicans and the Tea Party are the same anymore). Would you be comfortable with elected representatives beholden to people who think and feel similar to those who expressed their outrage to Rep. Brooks? If not, then remember that come the primaries and general election in 2014, it is incumbent upon you to do something. Because if we allow those who would call Rep. Brooks a traitor or RINO to elect people who are even further to the right, then I have grave fears that we won’t recognize our country much longer.

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At Wednesday, October 23, 2013 3:46:00 PM , Blogger Greg Purvis said...

Actually, Rep. Brooks has had an announced challenger from the Tea Party Right for some time. My own issues with her are from the opposite direction. Notably, I heard her promise in the 2012 election to "work across the aisle" for common sense solutions to problems. Sadly, this is the first evidence that she has done that, and has otherwise been a near-100% party line vote.

At Wednesday, October 23, 2013 4:53:00 PM , Blogger Greg Purvis said...

My own blog post from May about Brooks' Tea Party challenger.


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