Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joe Walsh: Quit Lying

This was too good not to share. For those who’ve been paying fairly close attention to the national debate of late, one figure who has become sort of a rock star to the Tea Party is freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois). He famously released a video a few weeks ago in which he accused President Obama of lying. And he’s become a go-to guy for … um … shall we say “combative” interviews (for example, this interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball).

But as people who’ve been paying attention also know, Mr. Fiscal Conservative, No Debt, Family Values Walsh has recently been sued by his ex-wife and former campaign manager. His ex-wife alleges that he owes over $100,000 in back child support and the former campaign manager says that Rep. Walsh owes him more than $20,000. Hence the following video:


I don’t know if this video shows the real ex-Mrs. Walsh. But whether it’s the real thing or just an act, it is both illustrative of Tea Party hypocrisy and damn funny.

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