Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

While we were in Washington, we were able to go to the Stewart and Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Unfortunately, because we had our kids with us, we weren’t able to spend much time at the rally (we hung around and watched the crowd between visits to museums and monuments). However, as we walked around the rally and the Mall, I was able to take some photos of signs. I know that there are lots of other collections of sign photos available online; this is my contribution. Oh, and as you look at these signs (and there were lots more that I wasn’t able to photograph), just think how you’d explain each of them to a very inquisitive 11-year-old girl…

Rally for Sanity 001 Rally for Sanity 002

He even had the German accent to prove it!

Rally for Sanity 003

Rally for Sanity 004

I really wanted to buy one of these HATE hats (as everyone was calling them). Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get close enough to the vendor stands to buy a hat or any of the cool t-shirts that were for sale.

Rally for Sanity 005

Rally for Sanity 006

Rally for Sanity 007

My son loved this sign.

Rally for Sanity 008

Rally for Sanity 009

Rally for Sanity 010

Rally for Sanity 012 Rally for Sanity 013My son would have loved the Admiral Akbar sign, but he was too busy playing with the balloon animal a magician had just given him.

Rally for Sanity 014

Rally for Sanity 015

Rally for Sanity 016

Rally for Sanity 017

The best part of the rally was the completely upbeat atmosphere. Most people were walking around with big smiles on their faces and striking up friendly conversations. Even my kids could feel the positive energy of the crowd.

And, for the record, I did not see a single sign that I would classify as aggressive or hateful (other than, perhaps, some which were clearly tongue-in-cheek).

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At Thursday, November 04, 2010 11:29:00 AM , Anonymous mark said...

great signs. thank you for taking and posting.


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