Monday, April 12, 2010

Warning: Chaos Approaches

Just a quick note to warn readers that this blog is likely to experience a few hiccups over the next few weeks. Google (who runs Blogger) has decided to stop supporting FTP based blogging (the method used for this blog) in May. So, I’m going to need to convert the blog to Blogger’s “customized domain” format. The only real change that this should require is the end of the URL which will be replaced by (which I’ve been using for most references to this blog for several months anyway). Of course, who knows whether things will run as smoothly as they’re supposed to…

In addition, when I make the switch, I’m probably going to play around with variations on the current layout and design. I’ve wanted to try a few things for a while, but they’ve been too complicated or time consuming and so I keep putting them off for another day. The change to the customized domain format should give me the chance to try some different things. So be forewarned that the blog may look different from day to day as I experiment. Sorry. I’ll try to keep the construction dust to a minimum.

Finally, I don’t know whether the sidebar material (LibraryThing, the flags for visitors, etc.) will be usable on the new system. A while back, LibraryThing totally changed their widgets and I’ll have to see if I can work with those or if I’ll have to play with the old code. On the plus side, there are a whole host of new and cool widgets available under the new system. Anyway, that’s the kind of havoc and chaos that I’m expecting.

When I make the change, I’ll post a notice here. Let me know if the page looks strange or if you have any difficulty reading the posts or navigating the site.


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