Friday, September 19, 2008

Try VoteGopher's "My Ballot"

During the primary season a new non-partisan site called VoteGopher appeared. The aim of the site was to help voters learn about the issues and the candidate's stated positions on those issues. Now, VoteGopher has introduced a new feature called "My Ballot". This portion of the site is divided into 25 issues. For each issue, you can choose whether you support Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, a 3rd party candidate, or have no preference. And you can rank the importance of each issue from Not Important (0 points) to Important (1 point) to Very Important (3 points) to Most Important (6 points). The system also allows you a place to write your thoughts on each issue (you don't have to). You can also get video summaries of the issues and visit pages describing the candidate's positions on those issues. As you rank each issue and select your preferred candidate, VoteGopher keeps your score. You can keep your My Ballot page private or you can make it public and share it on social networking sites (or share it here!).

Go ahead, give it a try. But be honest with yourself as you think about each issue. Don't pre-judge on the basis of who you want to win; instead, think about each issue and be honest. After all, that is what democracy is supposed to be about.


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