Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday (update)

I prepared an Anti-Patriot Pledge for guests at my Super Bowl party:

I _________ [state your name] do solemnly pledge, that I will not, under any circumstances and under penalty of death and/or exile from all that is good and right in the world (or at least in Indianapolis), support, cheer for, give aid or comfort to, or say anything positive about, the New England Patriots (also know as "The Dark Side"), and, even though I may detest all sports teams from New York, I will nevertheless, support, cheer for, and speak positively about the New York Giants during Super Bowl XLII (42).

So Help Me Tony Dungy
(Hey, the guy seems to think he has a direct line to the big fan upstairs, so it can’t hurt...)

If you want a copy of the pledge for your guests, download it here: Anti-Patriot%20Pledge.pdf.

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