Monday, January 28, 2008

LibraryThing: Finished copying old reviews

Over the weekend, I finally finished copying all of my older book reviews from my personal website to LibraryThing. I'll continue to update my personal website with movie and theater reviews and I'll note books that I've finished, but for now, all new book reviews will be stored just on LibraryThing.

If you're interested in my book reviews, you can subscribe to one of the LibraryThing RSS feeds for my catalog: Click here to subscribe to a feed of my recently added books (for now it will show mostly older books that I've just added, but going forward will show new books as I add them) or here to subscribe to a feed of my book reviews. Note that I try to add new books when I start reading them, occasionally offer an "in progress review" when something seems worth mentioning, and then finish the entry for the book (with a "full" review) when I finish.

If you read lots of books, give LibraryThing a try; it's easy, fun, and free (at least for the first 250 books).

I've also started experimenting with sites similar to LibraryThing for movies: Spout (my page) and I Heart Movies (my page). So far, there are things that I like and dislike about both of these sites and I'm not sure which, if either, I will continue to use. If you have experience with either site, let me know what you think of them.


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