Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun Owner and Firearms CEO: “I’m Going to Start Killing People” (Guns in America [part 5])

So this is where we are now on the discussion of gun control. The CEO of a Tennessee-based company called Tactical Response (“sole purpose of providing the highest end firearms and tactical training possible”) heard that Vice President Biden was going to encourage President Obama to circumvent Congress to impose an assault weapons ban. He posted his thoughts online (warning: Language is not safe for work or appropriate for children):

“I’m going to start killing people.”

And there is the face of the gun advocate.

“I’m going to start killing people.”

Here is the proverbial poster child for why we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines and so forth…

“I’m going to start killing people.”

What is it that we always say about negotiating with terrorists? And what would you call someone who threatens to start killing people if he doesn’t get his way? I’d call that person a terrorist. But this is what we’re up against. We’re up against people so deranged, so in fear of mythical tyranny, that they’re willing to “start killing people” to keep their right to keep guns to kill people.

We can’t allow our country to be taken hostage by people who live in paranoid fear of the New World Order or whatever it is that keeps them awake at night in their bomb shelters. And we can’t allow our national policies to be determined by our own fear of people like this. Most importantly, we can’t keep allowing our children to be killed so that people like this can live out their deranged little fantasies.


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