Monday, September 21, 2009

Here We Go Again: More “Tax Protest” Signs (Part 4)

I know that I said that I was through with this topic, but I came across a few more photos shortly after I saw that “Clinging to racism” by fellow IN Touch blogger Aaron Hohenbrink made the print edition of The Indianapolis Star this morning. So, without further ado, here are yet more signs from the recent tea party protests:

1 [missing]A “representative” of yet another state declaring his state ready to join in an armed insurrection and another person brandishing the same “we came unarmed this time” slogan. Doesn’t anybody else get nervous seeing people holding up signs talking about revolution with the Capital in the background?

2 [missing]And another threat? What does he mean by “so tomorrow I won’t Have to Exercise my 2nd Amendment:”? To me, he’s saying that if he doesn’t get his way through speech, he will have to get it through force of arms. (And why the random capitalization and colons…?)

3 [missing]Just a fun lovin’ couple out havin’ a good time.

4 [missing]And here we have another kid sent out to hold up a vile poster. Again, you have to wonder at parents who would have their child hold up a poster that can be read, at least implicitly, to support violence against elected politicians. And who wants to bet that this kid’s parents didn’t want him to hear President Obama’s speech to school children out of fear that their precious little tyke would be “indoctrinated”. Listening to a “stay in school” speech: bad; suggesting that political leaders be “roadkill”: good. And remember, that face is the future of America. Scared yet?

5 [missing]Just another poster to demonstrate that the opposition is not solely limited to President Obama. No, here’s a high-minded thought directed at Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts). The poster could talk about Rep. Frank’s ideas with regard to healthcare or the stimulus or the bailout. The sign could even express anger at the way Rep. Frank responded to the woman asking about President Obama’s “Nazi-” inspired healthcare proposals. But no, the creator of this poster struck at the real core of the issues.

Finally, here are two “bonus” photos:

6 [missing] For those too young to remember, during the Cold War the far right objected to the fluoridation of public water as a communist plot. Those folks also opposed vaccinations. Apparently, this guy is still living in the 1950s. I wonder if he is opposed to vaccinations, too?

Obama Wanted PosterFinally, this poster (and, apparently, others like it) have been circulating since earlier this year. (I blurred out the website at the bottom.) Just think about the allegations that this poster makes.

Update (September 13, 2010): Hopefully the dead links are now working again.

Update (September 17, 2010): Another attempt to fix broken image links.


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