Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My children were very creative with their Mother's Day gifts for my wife, so I thought that I'd share them. First, here is the picture that our son drew (you may not be able to tell, but it is actually six sheets of paper taped together to make a very large picture).
Ian's Mother's Day picture
My  daughter bought my wife a journal and wrote the following note (I’ve left her spelling intact; it adds character):
This book is for mom.
I love my mom because she is really nice and sweet. She douse every thing for me and only a little for herself. She also always buys me whatever I want. Since she runs a tootering bussieness she makes sure I get the best edgecution. We do lots of things together. Like we go shopping and take walks and go to movies and even sometimes too partys. My mom almost never ever yells at me. She also plays outside whenever she could. She treats every one in the family the same. When I say that I mean she loves every one of us equaly (including Ranger). I could never ever ever imagine hving someone else as my mom. If i did who knows what I would do. So all of those things I said well that is why I wrote this book.
I love you mommy!!
My wife cried.


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