Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Video Roundup (October 14, 2008)

I just want to point readers to a few interesting videos that I've come across in the last day or three.

First, we have CNN's Campbell Brown asking pondering when "Arab and Muslim bec[a]me dirty words; the equivalent of dishonorable or radical?":

Next, we have a video from BraveNewFilms recounting some of the hate mongering that has become endemic with Sen. McCain's supporters:

And this one doesn't really need a description. Just watch Sen. McCain's facial expressions and gestures as you listen to his words. Kinda makes you wonder if this is what Disney does with broken animatronic figures that were supposed to go into the Hall of Presidents.

Here's another fun video taking a shot at Sen. McCain. I think the suggestion is that Sen. McCain and his 7 houses (or however many he has) is a bit out of touch with the middle class (note strong language at the end of the video):

I'm not generally a big fan of Latin music, but this song from musican Jose Conde has a great vibe and an even better message:

Next, we have a very interesting photo. Well, not a photo actually. It's a screenshot from the computer game Burnout Paradise. Apparently, a number of new Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games allow for advertising to be inserted into the virtual game worlds and these ads are updated live rather than being static product placements included when the game is written. Take a look at what has been popping up on the streets of the virtual world in Burnout Paradise:

I believe that the McCain campaign is looking for ways to insert a McCain campaign ad into Pong. I think the following images help capture some of the idea (I know that you've probably seen them before, but they're funny enough to post again):

or if you prefer:

It might be fun to have a contest to design more of these comparison graphics.

Updated September 8, 2015 to fix broken video links. 


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