Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bachmann Misreads Herself! Huh?

Friday night I wrote about Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann's demand to have an investigation into which members of Congress were "anti-American" and her claims that Sen. Obama may have "anti-American" views and that the people that Sen. Obama associates with are "anti-American", and that Appearing in a TV interview over the weekend, Rep. Bachmann claims that her statements were "misread". Watch:

Just out of curiosity, how exactly exactly did anybody "misread" what Rep. Bachmann said? It seems the she is the only one who thinks that she said something other than what she did, in fact, say. Go back to Friday's post and watch the interview again for yourself. This woman is really frightening. She hearkens back to the darkest days of McCarthy-ism and isn't even smart enough to realize it. Thankfully, people like Colin Powell are taking note of comments like hers and using them as yet more reason to support Sen. Obama.


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