Friday, September 26, 2008

And the Lies Keep Coming... (update)

On Wednesday, I posted about the payments by Freddie Mac to Rick Davis, Sen. McCain's campaign chairman ($15,000 a month for "proximity" to Sen McCain) and the McCain campaign's lies about Davis no longer having anything to do with his lobbying firm. Apparently, the McCain campaign took offense to the story in The New York Times that I quoted in my post. According to Newsweek:
Jill Hazelbaker, the campaign's communications director, said in an e-mail Tuesday that Davis "left" Davis Manafort in 2006. In a statement attacking The New York Times, posted on the campaign's Web site on Wednesday, campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb said that Davis "separated from his consulting firm, Davis Manafort, in 2006."
I know, you can see it coming, can't you? It's almost getting too easy. Well, guess what? According to Newsweek:

[T]hose statements appear to have overstated the extent to which Davis had severed his relationship with his lobbying firm. Filings made by "Davis Manafort Partners" with the Virginia Corporation Commission as recently as April 1, 2008, show that Davis was still listed as one of only two corporate officers and directors of the firm, according to records on the commission’s Web site reviewed by NEWSWEEK. That filing records Davis as the "treas/clerk" of the firm; his business partner, Paul Manafort is listed as the president and chief executive officer.Another filing by “Davis Manafort, Inc.” (with the same Alexandria, Va. address, and recorded on Oct. 17, 2007) also lists Davis as an officer and director of the firm, reporting his position as "T/Clerk," a reference to his formal title as corporate treasurer and clerk.

Both filings are annual reports of basic corporate information that are required by Virginia state law. There is no record of any amendments to the filings reporting that Davis's status with the firm has changed. The next annual report by "Davis Manafort Inc.", for the year 2008, isn't due to be filed until next month.

The McCain campaign Wednesday sought to clarify Davis's affiliation with his firm, but insisted that the new information contained in the corporate filings in Virginia didn't alter their basic points. "Rick Davis is functionally not affiliated with the firm," said Hazelbaker, the communications director. "That is to say that, since he left, he in fact has not done any work for Davis Manafort or its clients, and he has not taken a salary or received compensation since 2006. Furthermore, he will not receive any deferred compensation."

I remember learning at a fairly young age that when you get caught in a lie, the best course is ... wait for it ... stop lying. Apparently, that message hasn't quite made it to the "Straight Talk Express" just yet...


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