Monday, August 18, 2008

Political Ads: Obama (from

As the campaign season gets more active, I hope to take more time to offer my own two cents. I also want to try to provide links to the more interesting (whether bad or good...) campaign ads that I come across. So, as a starting point, take a look at this ad from

The ad sums up so many things so concisely. I particularly like the guy apologizing to his mom. I suspect that many children of Republican households will be living that exact moment this fall. At least I hope so.

Oh, one more thing. I know that a lot of people criticize Barack Obama for the whole "hope thing". I'm curious. What, exactly, is wrong with hope? And what, precisely, is wrong with hope, especially when it replaces cynicism, mistrust, disinterest, and other ills facing both our country and our political system? Hope may not be the answer to everything, but then again, isn't hope the starting point for most things?


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