Monday, February 25, 2008

Columbus' Finest -- Not

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. A police officer in Columbus, Ohio, blew that chance over the weekend.

We were in Columbus for a cheer competition (my daughter's team finished 1st!). While trying to find where to park for the Greater Columbus Convention Center, I stopped to ask a police officer for directions. He appeared to be directing traffic, but in reality, he was too busy chatting with another officer on horseback. Even though I said "excuse me" several times (quite politely, I believe), it wasn't until a sergeant in a squad car pulled up and pointed to me that the "traffic" officer paid me any attention. Strike one.

When I was finally able to tell him what I wanted, rather than offering help, he merely laughed at me. Strike two.

So, I asked again. He waved in a general direction (away from the Convention Center) and said, "surface lots that way." I asked if that was all; he laughed and said I should just go back to the hotel and walk (8 blocks in the cold). Then he laughed again. Strike three.

Columbus: You're no Indianapolis. Thanks (not) for making my family feel (un)welcome.

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